Welcome at AS213253, Tier 3 Network !

We are a small educational network operating mainly in Europe only in IPv6.

We don't offer any Transit or commercial services related to BGP to the public.

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Our Network :

We operate a global network with 2 points of presence based on Linux virtual machines with FRRouting. All connections with other networks and IXPs are based on GRE4, GRE6 or vxLAN6 tunnels.

Our Network Operation Center is based in Guadeloupe (France oversea departement) in UTC-4 with availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A monitoring application (LibreNMS) monitors realtime each part of the network and sends automated alerts to monitors.

We currently operate AS213253 at the RIPE with two /48 IPv6 PA ressources (one for each continent).

You can find us on PeeringDB for more informations.

Contact us :

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You can also find us on Twitter as @EnPLSorg !

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